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Be Engaged

Through engagement, every community member can become  active participants in what matters most, their own lives.

Collective power begins with you.


Let's Transform and Build Together

Education and Training

Reproductive Justice (RJ) 101

RJ builds the engagement and leadership of the women who experience the greatest reproductive health disparities, including women of color, low-income, young, rural, immigrant, and incarcerated women, and LGBT people. RJ 101 will define reproductive oppression, intersectionality and human rights and guide participants through a process for advancing reproductive justice. Currently, this training is facilitated by request only.

Collective Healing for Women of Color

These session provides women of color the unique opportunity to explore the dynamics between the systems that oppress them and their personal well-being. It's designed to support the healing journey for women who feel like they are carrying the burdens of the world on their shoulder and to remind them of their power to hold themselves and each other sacred. Currently, this session is facilitated by request only.

Leadership Development Series

Designed for new leaders, this series will help participants development the skills necessary for personal and professional advancement. The Professional Development Series provides leaders the opportunities to develop or enhance skills and includes, personal branding self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management and communication skills. This series begins Wednesday, July 10th with Self-Awareness, followed by Creating A Personal Brand on Wednesday, July 18th. REGISTER TODAY. ALL Sessions times are 2-4:30pm.


Self-Awareness - A Guided Process of Understanding More About Self. Many of us believe strongly in our ability to be aware, but mostly in relationship to things and other people. In truth, having a more clear perception of yourself, your beliefs, motivation and emotions is the only way to better understand others. This session guides participants through a process of how to learn more about self and the realities of one’s internal state. What's true will please and excite you!

Hello I'm Awesome - Creating A Personal Brand. This session is designed to help participants understand more about how they show up and how others perceive them. Participants will have a better understanding of what personal/individual branding is, why it’s important and how they can begin crafting their own brand and get their own message out there.

Work Your Words: Communicate Like A Pro. Effective communication is a powerful leadership tool and vital for the success in various situations. While this session will focus on the steps to master verbal communication, participants will learn to communicate information, thoughts and feelings, using a number of techniques, including active listening. 

Speak for Yourself - A Public Speaking Workshop. While public speaking can be the most dreaded forms of communications, it’s also a commonly sought after skill. Participants will learn the process of developing their message in ways that inform and motivate, how to attend to their listeners and value feedback, all while maintaining control of their momentary platform.

Self-Management Leading Initiative, Organization and Accountability. Three key self management skills are initiative, organization and accountability. Vital to leadership, participants will discuss and explore their own strengths, in these key areas, as well as ways to improve areas of weakness.

Relationship Management and Social Awareness - The Key To Building Healthy Relationships. Social competency is the key to building healthy workplace relationships. It focuses on an understanding of other people’s moods, behaviors and motives, as ways to improve relationships. Participants will learn techniques to stay present and remain actively engaged, especially in difficult environments.

Tellin' Ain't Training - A Facilitation Skills Workshop. Good facilitators effectively, guide participants on journey of learning. Participants will learn the basics of group dynamics, how to actively listen and communicate clear guidelines and instructions, as well as how to create an inclusive and interactive learning space.

Your Write To Win - Professional Writing Skills Workshop. Like good verbal communications, good writing skills also allow people to communicate more efficiently. However, many things can go wrong when communicating in writing, especially in the work setting. This session will help participants write more clearly and concisely, define their purpose and understand how to remain focused on facts over fiction. 

Cost of The Series

Each individual session is $45. HOWEVER!  Participants can take advantage of our INTRODUCTORY OFFER! $40 for the Self-Awareness Session or $60 for the first two sessions: Self-Awareness and Creating A Personal Brand when you register for both sessions together! We also offer the full series at $320 when you register for all 8 sessions! Light refreshments will be available each session.

Book Us For Training or An Event

Need an organizational advisor,  communications support for staff, help with messaging to communities of color, a keynote or presenter to speak to social justice issues, through an intersectional lens? If the answer is yes, go to the Booking/Inquiry form below and tell us what ways you're working in community and how we can partner to support your organization's mission. Then, let's transform and build together.

Community Engagement

Milwaukee Civil Rights Tour

On Monday, May 6, 2019, our first Tour SOLD OUT, with forty-five white leaders in attendance. It was designed inform and educate participants in ways that give deeper meaning to Milwaukee's social justice issues. The Tour highlights the history of the Black experience and its impact on current realities, for Milwaukee's Black Community, as well as other Communities of Color. Participants traveled through Milwaukee's central city neighborhoods to learn more about the people, the places and the moments that shaped the current state of our city. The first tour was designed for white leaders. However, subsequent tours will also be designed for communities of color and young people. We are thankful for our Event Partners: Adam Carr, PWR FWD Media, Nurturing Diversity Partners and SURJ Milwaukee, and our Event Sponsors: Ellen Bravo and Larry Miller, City of Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention and Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. Stay tuned for additional 2019 Tour dates.

Strike 4 Justice! A NO AGENDA Event

On Sunday, May 19, 2019, local Activists shared the joy of simply being each other's company, at Bowlero Wauwatosa. The day included some fierce, but friendly competition. From the "Best Strikeologists!" to the "Gutter Ball Gurus," it was a  No Fight, Just Fun Day! At the bowling team's request, Strike 4 Justice will be an Annual Event.

Black Maternal Health Awareness Campaign

Awareness related to Black infant mortality has increased. However, there is little awareness related to the disproportionate number of Black women who die during pregnancy, as well as during and after childbirth. The BeNoble Group will join our  community partner, Birthing Intuition, as they lead the way to increase Black Maternal Health through an awareness campaign, this fall. Stay tuned for more information.