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Through engagement, every community member can become  active participants in what matters most, their own lives.

Collective power begins with you.


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Education and Training

Leadership Development Series

Designed for new and emerging leaders, this series will help participants development the skills necessary for personal and professional advancement. The Professional Development Series provides leaders the opportunities to develop or enhance skills and includes, personal branding self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management and communication skills. 

Anti-Racism Work In the Workplace

The BeNoble Group strives to support individual leadership development, in the context of workplace experiences, to build collective power. The purpose of this training is to acknowledge the impact of racism, with a particular emphasis on the needs of People of Color (PoC). The term, "People of Color, encompasses people of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds: Asian, Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American, Indigenous, Middle Easter, Pacific Islander, and multiracial. It addresses racial tensions and whiteness and individual, structural and systemic racism that are the result of it, as well as the tools to create a workspace that centers anti-racism work.

Reproductive Justice (RJ) 101

RJ builds the engagement and leadership of the women who experience the greatest reproductive health disparities, including women of color, low-income, young, rural, immigrant, and incarcerated women, and LGBT people. RJ 101 will define reproductive oppression, intersectionality and human rights and guide participants through a process for advancing reproductive justice. 

Collective Healing for Women of Color

These session provides women of color the unique opportunity to explore the dynamics between the systems that oppress them and their personal well-being. It's designed to support the healing journey for women who feel like they are carrying the burdens of the world on their shoulder and to remind them of their power to hold themselves and each other sacred. 

Currently, all training sessions are facilitated by request.

Book Us For Training or An Event

Need an organizational advisor, communications support for staff, help with messaging to communities of color, a keynote or presenter to speak to social justice, through an intersectional lens? If the answer is yes, go to the Booking/Inquiry form below and tell us what ways you're working in community and how we can partner to support your organization's mission. Let's transform and build together.


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